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Marty Byrde

Marty Byrde
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Money is, at its essence, that measure of a man's choices.

Marty Byrde is the main character on Ozark. He is the husband of Wendy Byrde, father of both Charlotte and Jonah Byrde, and a financial advisor turned money launderer.




Marty: "You see, the hard reality is how much money we accumulate in life is not a function of who's president or the economy or bubbles bursting or bad breaks or bosses. It's about the American work ethic. The one that made us the greatest country on Earth. It's about bucking the media's opinion as to what constitutes a good parent. Deciding to miss the ball game, Del play, the concert, because you've resolved to work and invest in your family's future. And taking responsibility for the consequences of those actions. Patience. Frugality. Sacrifice. When you boil it down, what do those three things have in common?"- Sugarwood

Marty: "I mean why does he have to feel bad just so you can feel good? Plus when you disrespect him, you disrespect this whole place. And you might be able to get away with that crap at the dive bars your used to going to but not here. I won't tolerate it."

Big Redneck: "You won't tolerate it?"

Marty: "That's right. I won't tolerate it."- Blue Cat

Marty: "Yeah I don't think you're aware, but a few weeks ago I was in your club and I was talking to a few people you employ and I found out you like to vacation in Panama. I thought why Panama? Why not Mexico or Belize? Unless it had something to do with the fact Panama is a hub for money laundering."

Bobby Dean: "Want my fucking lawyer"

Marty: "You want the Panamanian lawyer? The one that sets up the shell companies for you to launder your money through your club. I mean what are the odds that we both done considerable time in Panama? That's like..What is it? Three to one at least. What are the odds that we both recognise the value of the legal community in that country? That's five to one I'll bet ya. But what are the odds that we would both be drawn to the work of the contracts lawyers at the law firm of Machado Filippo? Those odds are very long. Yeah?"

Bobby Dean: "I ain't fucking talking to you."

Marty: "It's okay, you can just listen.'Cause I'm just thinking out loud about how shell companies work. Y'know the, the miracle really that makes it possible to move money around without countries being able to track it. I'm just, I'm fascinated by it. What has me thoroughly taken is how a man can own and operate a company without ever putting his name on it, so that every move, every transaction is perfect undetectable. Think about that. How is that possible? How if you never put your name on a company do you ever even own the company? I don't get it, I mean it's something to ponder isn't it? I mean that guy would have to be in possession, physical possession, of that company's bare shares. Yeah? The piece of paper, the deed to his empire. It would all come down to that wouldn't it? And if he was in possession of that piece of paper, where do you think he'd keep it? You think he'd put it in the safe? In a manila the false bottom of that safe? Now I don't go to church and I don't consider myself a Christian. I don't consider myself anything, but I do like to think that I follow a certain code. So even though I now am in possession of that little piece of paper...I'm not gonna take your club. I'm gonna buy it. And as I said...I'm able to make you a very fair offer. So...One seventy five?

- Tonight We Improvise