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Game Day

Game Day

Game Day is the fifth episode of the second season of Ozark and the fifteenth episode overall.


Agent Petty's revelation tests the loyalties of Marty, Ruth and the cartel. Despite the FBI closing in, the Snells refuse to destroy their poppies.


The FBI raids the Snell household, which draws th cartel, specifically Helen, into the Ozarks to help Marty. While Wendy is inside discussing adoption with Darlene, Buddy burns down the Snell's poppy fields to hide any evidence of what they're doing there. Meanwhile, at the Langmore residence, the cartel has showed up. They have pictures of Ruth's unintentional interaction with Petty and have questions about her loyalty, ending in them waterboarding her.


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Explanation of the Symbols

  • The headphones (top left) relate to Petty and fellow FBI members listening into conversations that Rachel has via her wire.
  • The lunchbox (top right) refers to the money that Charlotte stole when they were packing it into the walls. She hid it in her lunchbox. But when the FBI raided the Byrde household, they found the money, leading to questions of how much Charlotte and Jonah know about Marty's laundering.
  • The flare (bottom left) refers to the flare that Buddy used to light the Snell poppy fields on fire.
  • The zip ties (bottom right) refers to the zip ties used to tie up Ruth while she was being waterboared by the cartel, which were also used on Marty and Cade- who were outside.