Darlene Snell



Darlene Snell is a powerful matriarch in the Ozark series. Although she quotes Bible verses, she enacts violent deeds often. She could be seen as a villain. Possibly.


Darlene is a cold and rash woman with little to no remorse over the violent decisions she has made. She lacks foresight in thinking of consequences to her actions, instead she relies on her husband to clean up the aftermath of her reckless behavior. A proud woman, she is quick to anger if she feels slighted or disrespected by anyone and has no scruples over murdering guests in her home if they have violated her twisted code of etiquette. Darlene is also in desperate need to have a child. After Jacob murders their associate, Ash, whom Darlene loves as a son, she endevours to rectify her motherly instinct by attempting to adopt. When her application is denied, her irrational and erratic behavior cause her to “bargain” for Pastor Mason Young's son.


Darlene is married to Jacob Snell. As young adults, she made sure that Jacob would fall in love with her over any other woman. She stole the show with her bold attention and brash ways.


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"Tell me Jacob. What the fuck happens if I undermine you?"

"I love you, Jacob. You just rest. I'll make sure it means something."


Did you know that Darlene Snell wants a baby very badly after her own child dies?