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Roy Petty

Roy Petty was the FBI agent in charge of pursuing the Navarro Drug Cartel in the Lake Ozark region via money launderer Marty Byrde.


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Roy was beaten to death by Cade Langmore while fishing after Roy threatened to send Ruth to prison and exclaimed that "Russ deserved better" than his criminal family. Cade proceeded to sink his body in the lake.


Roy Petty is an agent of the FBI who is very dedicated to his job. However, he is shown through the series to not be much better than the men that he is supposed to track down. He's a cold, manipulative, vindictive, duplicitous, and borderline sociopathic individual who is willing to do anything, regardless of legality, in order to do what he thinks is necessary to get his job done.

Roy manipulated Russ Langmore and Rachel into becoming FBI informants, wasn't above bending the law by controlling Rachel with illegal drugs in order to have her keep informing for him, and developing a romantic attachment to Russ in order to manipulate him into become an informant. Petty is also utterly callous and unapologetic in his methods, mocking Cade Langmore about his daughter and family being 'trailer trash' and saying that he'd be back in jail alongside his daughter, something that led to his demise.

He has also proven to be hypocritical, jabbing at Marty for his blackmail despite doing the exact same thing to Russ and Rachel. He also mocked his partner and ex-lover, Trevor Evans, for being unable to move on from their former relationship when he also has an inability to move on.

Roy's most defining trait is his inability to accept failure, taking it more as a personal slight than a mere professional setback. This inability to accept failure led him to develop an obsessive streak in order to take down the Mexican cartel, in particular their money launderer Marty Byrde. This failure-intolerance also caused him to throw tantrums from time to time, such as when he wrecked his motel room when Trevor was unable to arrest Marty with Del at the Snells' farm.

Despite being borderline sociopathic, Roy does have a soft side. He genuinely loves his mother and wants her to kick her drug addiction, even going as far as to let go of his obsession with taking down Marty Byrde and going back to his home in Chicago. Though this might have also had to do with Marty blackmailing him with footage of his drug addicted mother in order for him to back off. He also had a few hobbies outside of his job at the FBI, mainly fishing.


Ex boyfriend and partner in the FBI, Trevor Evans.

Russ Langmore

Roy and Russ

Roy develops a romantic and sexual relationship with Russ Langmore. However, Roy eventually turns on him, using Russ' sexuality as leverage to force him to become an informant. Ruth is quick to catch on that Russ is a "rat" and kills him.

Roy is shown to have residual feelings (at least sexually) for Russ after his death, At one point he masturbates to the wire recording of Russ confronting Ruth about her plans to murder Marty Byrde.





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