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Russ Langmore


Born in the nearby city of Osage Beach, MO as one of 3 brothers (Boyd, Cade, Russ).


Extensive history of legal problems with multiple arrests detailed in the FBI Database. Presumably has had recent arrests, with what appears to be a current mugshot in his file. While unclear, seems to have spent most of his life in the vicinity of the Ozarks with arrests in the nearby Camden County on 02/14/2010 and 08/01/2010. However, was arrested in 2007 in Jefferson City, MO for soliciting a 19 year old male prostitute which indicates he did leave the Ozark region on occasion.

Fathered two children (Wyatt and Three) prior to the beginning of the series. He is the uncle of Ruth.


Outwardly, Russ seems like a hardened criminal. But once we get to know him, we find that Russ is the most affable of his brothers. He's deeply loyal to his family despite how tense his relationship with Ruth can be, mainly due to his and Boyd's hair-brained 'get rich quick' schemes such as buying bobcats with the intent to sell them, using Ruth's money in order to get them. He is very close to his sons Wyatt and Three, despite being hard on them from time to time.

Russ is a deeply repressed man. He is sexually attracted to other men, which he is mostly careful to keep to himself, though he had gotten arrested on occasions for soliciting male prostitutes. He later ended up in a relationship with Roy, though that would end up orchestrating the events that led to his death.


Russ is electrocuted alongside Boyd outside of the Blue Cat Lodge. The dock had been electrified by Ruth after she deduced from Russ' odd behavior that her uncles would be attempting to murder Marty Byrde and skipping town.


ROy Petty

Russ and Roy

Becomes romantically involved with FBI agent Roy Petty after the agent uses a fishing excursion to establish contact and build rapport. Agent Petty, a gay man himself, being aware of Russ's history of arrests for soliciting male prostitutes uses this information to build a relationship. Though the two appear to have legitimate feelings for one another, Agent Petty's originally only engaged to gain leverage and information regarding Marty Byrdes illicit activities.





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